KSI Sound is a full-service sound, lighting and video solutions company serving the Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and Richmond areas. Our team of audiovisual designers and operators believes there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. That's why all of our clients get thoughtful, dedicated attention on every project, no matter the budget or scale.

Audiovisual Installations

A/V solutions for performance, worship and corporate spaces

Whether your audience gathers to worship, be entertained or be informed, KSI Sound's design engineers know how to help you integrate the perfect technology to share your message. Drawing upon decades of experience in both A/V systems and construction, KSI is the perfect team to bring onboard at the start of your new project. We'll work with your stakeholders to design a system that looks great, sounds phenomenal and stays within budget.


The KSI way is to approach every new job with a sharp pencil and a listening ear. Our goal is to translate your vision into a stunning reality that impresses all who enter your space. We know choosing the right options for your new project can feel overwhelming. That's why we follow a 5 step design plan with every client we work with to ensure that you feel informed and empowered every step of the way.


The KSI Sound Audiovisual Installation Process:


Step 1: We capture your vision.

We'll perform an in-depth analysis of how you intend to use the space, who will be operating the equipment and how it fits into the mission and brand of your organization. We'll want to know what your "must-haves" are and what your "blue-sky-dreams" are for the space. Finally, we'll want to know about how your organization already uses technology and if you hope this new project changes that.


Step 2: We engineer your solution.

Taking what we've learned from previous conversations, we'll pull our team together to design a system that finds the perfect balance between your goals and your budget. We'll carefully consider, literally, hundreds of variables to select the correct sound, lighting and video equipment for your space. We'll labor over the exact placement of every piece of gear; for even a couple of inches or a fraction of a degree can severely degrade the quality of the outcome. Our team will go so far as to perform precise acoustical predictions, using the most advanced software on the market, to ensure that we get the correct equipment in the correct placement. We're obsessive about well-engineered spaces. You'll sense it from start to finish.


Step 3: You'll tell us how we can improve it.

We never want you to feel like you're not in charge of this process. That's why, even after we've pulled coffee-fueled all nighters, slaving over the smallest detail, we'll turn our masterpiece over to you – so you can tear it apart. Your input is just as important as our expertise. We'll want you to speak your mind, to voice your concerns. Don't be afraid to ask probing questions or question our judgement, it's okay. Our highest goal is always your satisfaction.


With your feedback scribed into our notepads, we'll go back to the drawing board to make the changes that make it right. Only when we have a solution that everyone's excited about will we move on to the next step.


Step 4: We establish the timeline.

Once you're head-over-heals in love with the solution we've proposed, we'll start putting timelines and deadlines in place to make the vision a reality. We're firm believers in tackling projects as early as possible, to ensure that tasks get done on time, every time. Of course, we'll keep you in the loop with the major steps of the process, so you'll never have to wonder how close the project is to the next benchmark.


Step 5: Our installation team gets to work.

KSI Sound's team of expert installers are the finest harmony of brains and brawn in the business. They combine construction skills with a technical acumen that gives our clients precise-looking installations that perform as well as they look.


Safety, yours and ours, is the highest priority of every project we install. You can rest assured that every nut, bolt, cable and screw has been installed to the most rigorous standads of safety and caution. We take safety extremely seriously, and we have never regretted it, nor have our clients.


After the equipment is installed to the precise specifications outlined in the earlier stages, we'll set about dialing in all the 1's and 0's that turn your individual pieces of equipment into a fully integrated system. Think of it like a performance mechanic, tuning an engine for every last horsepower. The end result is an integrated audiovisual system that maximizes the fullest potential of every last piece of equipment and operates in complete harmony in the space it's installed within. Your audience will be amazed!


We're passionate about balanced solutions that sound phenomenal, look amazing and support your message with the kind of delivery it deserves. Contact us today to get your next A/V installation started right from the very beginning.

Audiovisual Rentals

Audio visual rentals for small gatherings to large events.

KSI Sound has all the A/V rental gear you need to make your band, event or service sound and look phenomenal.  From microphones to speakers, lighting and projection, we carry a warehouse full of professional gear to support your next project.  And because every piece of gear is warehoused right here in the Miami Valley, KSI Sound is the perfect place to rent that last minute audiovisual need.  We'll even deliver, right to your door*, keeping your project as hassle-free as possible.  Call today to reserve the gear you need, before someone else does.


KSI carries audiovisual rental equipment to support projects of almost any scale.


For the Stage:

-Wired and wireless vocal microphones


-Instrument and drum microphones


-Microphone stands


-XLR cables


-Wireless in-ear transmitters and receivers


-Wedge-style floor monitors


-Monitor mixing console and splitter snake


Front of House:

-PA systems that range in scale from speakers on stands to full line arrays


-Digital and analog mixing consoles


-PA processing racks




-XLR snakes


-Analog outboard gear


-Various support equipment



-LED par fixtures


-LED color strips


-LED moving head lights


-Tungsten par fixtures


-Tungsten ellipsoidal fixtures


-Fog and haze machines


-Dimmer packs


-Dimmer racks


-DMX lighting control consoles


-DMX cables


-Trussing and crank-ups


-Power distribution (ask for details)



-6,000 lumen, 1080p capable projectors


-Screens, up to 7x12ft


-Flat-panel televisions and stands


-Video selector/switcher


-VGA and HDMI cables, splitters, and amplifiers



-Pipe and drape


-Connectors and converters


-Stands and bases


-Looking for something specific?  We're glad to help.  Contact us.


*Fees apply, depending on equipment and location.

Corporate Events

Audiovisual production and support that  thrills CEOs and shareholders alike. 

At KSI Sound, we understand the importance of precise, visually stunning events that make your brand shine.  It's why treat every corporate event with an exhaustive attention to detail that leaves no room for error.  And with our highly trained crew and our rock-solid-reliable equipment, you can know that your company and its people can take the stage with full confidence, no matter the crowd.  When you use KSI Sound for your next corporate event, your CEO will be as impressed as your audience.


Why KSI Sound is the corporate event audiovisual authority:



KSI's crew is second to none.  With thousands of hours spent directing complex events, cue sheets and coffee in hand, we're more than ready to deliver for your event the perfectly timed transitions, flawless operation and audiovisual support your event requires.  Find out for yourself why corporations and national performers alike have trusted KSI Sound to deliver impeccable audiovisual support for their projects since 1989.



Everything we do to support your next corporate event builds upon a comprehensive understanding of your brand.  That understanding guides us in every decision we make.  It's how we manage to create audiovisual designs that are not only stunning, but perfectly capture your brand's personality and ideals.



Make no mistake, cheap, poorly-maintained equipment can devastate the flow of your event when it malfunctions or fails.  That's why KSI only uses the most reliable and stable audiovisual equipment that the industry has to offer.  Furthermore, our equipment is maintained by master technicians that keep each piece of gear performing like it did on day one.


Live Production

Audiovisual equipment and operators to make you look and sound your best.

To put it simply, KSI Sound rocks!  We've been providing sound, lighting and operators for major performers and events for more than 2 decades.  No one delivers the combination of premium equipment, premium operators and premium customer service that KSI does with live production.


Bands love KSI because we give musicians a top-notch experience.  Musicians get clear, smooth monitor mixes that make it easy to deliver their best performances.  Plus, our elite crew makes set changes a breeze, no matter the genre of music.  But most of all, bands love the way they sound when they perform with KSI.  Our engineers have decades of experience and some of the best ears in the business.  Bands get tight, musical sounding mixes that bring audiences to their feet and make their performances shine like never before.


Churches love KSI because we understand the unique constraints and objectives of a worship service.  We understand what it takes to strike the critical balance between contributing to the moment and overpowering the moment.  We also know how important it is that every transition be timed perfectly, with absolute synchronization between lights, sound and video.  And we know that your service is much more than a performance or a speech, it's a gathering of people seeking God, something we do not take lightly.


And event organizers love KSI because we bring the kind of hassle-free, low-maintenance customer service that organizers wish they received from every service provider.  When you come to us with your event needs, you can trust our experience; this isn't our first rodeo.  We work with your location or venue directly, to keep you from being the middle man on small details.  And we do our best to clarify anything we're uncertain about early on, to prevent nagging you with endless questions.  When you trust us with your event's sound, lighting and video needs, it's as good as done from day one.


Whatever your live production needs are, let KSI Sound compete for your business.  You'll be glad you did.