KSI Sound has more than 20 years of experience in sound, lighting and video.  Our designers and technicians are among the most competent in their fields.  And we bring the full horsepower of our team to every project we undertake.  The result is hundreds of successful projects and thrilled clients.  Contact us today to bring our expertise to your project from the start.

Sound System Design

Designing musical spaces for performance and worship

At KSI Sound, we believe in a holistic approach to sound system design, treating the speakers, the room and the signal sources as one integrated unit.  Each component of a sound system relies on the placement and attributes of the others. Each component presents its own set of complex variables that can dramatically effect how a performance space sounds.  That's why we believe that designing and installing your next sound system is not the territory for amateurs.  Sadly, we have worked with many clients who discovered too late that even the most expensive gear can perform poorly when it's the wrong choice for the space, or it's improperly installed.  KSI's engineers combine our years of experience and the most advanced acoustical modeling for every space that we integrate.  The results are acoustic solutions that sound rich, smooth and crystal clear.

There's a difference between being making things visible and making things beautiful, that difference is knowledge and expertise.  KSI Sound's engineers not only know how to light your space, but we know how to light to match your specific style and needs.  Do you need the flexibility of a theatrical grid? No problem, we know just the fixtures to help your next show shine.  Do you want your space to feel like a miniature U2 concert?  Great, we'll design a stunning looking system that's still simple to operate.  Not sure what you need?  That's fine too, our team will do a thorough needs analysis to draw up a lighting rig that satisfies your audience and your budget.

     When you trust your lighting needs to KSI, you'll get a space that delivers a sense of awe and perfectly accomplishes your goals and matches your budget.  See what our team can imagine for you today.

Lighting System Design

Dramatic, cost-effective lighting for every enviromnent 

If money was no barrier, designing high-performing camera, switching and projections systems would be a fairly straightforward process.  But for most clients, that's far from reality.  That's why our team is such an asset when assembling a live video system.  Whether you're a broadcaster, podcaster or a house of worship, our video engineers will apply their comprehensive knowledge of the video marketplace to choose just the right systems to achieve your goals.

     But it's more than pulling a shopping cart of gear together, we'll help you find the perfect camera placement, install and assemble your system, and train your team.  Our experts will fine-tune your cameras, so colors look accurate and natural.  We'll help you create a workflow for distributing your recordings quickly.  And we'll help you work with your existing sound and lighting systems to help you produce an excellent looking and sounding product.

Projection and Camera System Design

Perfectly scaled video systems for every space and budget